COVID-19 in Fiji: How You Can Help Fijian Families

It’s been 15 months since flights to Fiji stopped and the tourism industry dried up. Jobs were lost and families struggled but at least there was no COVID-19 in the community. People returned to village life and things were going ok, despite the country losing 40% of its GDP almost overnight.

Then, in April, the Delta strain found its way out of hotel quarantine and into communities. Since then COVID-19 has been spreading through the mainland and now parts of Fiji are in lockdown. There’s been a further reduction in flights and people are not allowed to travel out of their district. Current daily case numbers are in the hundreds and people in certain regions are not allowed out of their homes as authorities try to stop the spread and quickly vaccinate the population. The Government is desperately trying to manage the situation but the times are tough for so many.

Fiji is home to some very vulnerable people with limited access to basic medical services. Many villages do not have the capacity to store supplies and rely on farming, fishing and travelling regularly to town for food. The combination of restrictions and poverty mean many Fijians cannot earn a living, tend crops or travel to shops to feed their families.

The funds below have been actively distributing food and supplies to impoverished families that have been impacted by the lockdowns. All have been vetted by the US Embassy as legitimate NGOs or are personally known to us. You can contact these organisations directly to find out how best to donate at the time or follow the steps/links below.

If you’d like to assist Namotu staff specifically, you can also donate directly using the information below. Any help is appreciated and goes directly to those in need.

Vinaka vaka levu!

International Needs Fiji

A SIMPLE WAY TO HELP: If you wish to be a part of this ‘Friends of Fiji’ initiative locally or abroad and help a Fijian family in need you can follow these steps to buy a family groceries:
  1. Purchase $75 hamper via the online grocer – MH Online
  2. Choose MH Valelevu store
  3. Nominate Delivery: ATTN: International Needs Fiji 7 Wainivula Road Caubati, Nasinu
  4. Message us on our FB Page International Needs Fiji or call/WhatsApp (+679) 9371183 or (+679) 7168993 and let us know that something is coming so we can distribute it where it’s needed.

Loving Islands’ Maternity Crisis Fund

To anyone that stayed in a maternity ward in Fiji prior to COVID19 the dilapidated conditions were quickly apparent. Now with the rising 2nd wave of COVID19 hitting the country the added burden and challenges of the pandemic have stressed the system to breaking point; mothers are struggling to access basic needs for themselves and their baby. This urgently needed fundraiser is providing essential maternity support to make sure every woman has access to the basics during the current COVID19 outbreak.

Donate via GOFUNDME which has a credit card facility for easy transfer.

Diva for Equality Fiji

Fiji Council of Social Services 

Namotu Staff Fund  

Namotu’s staff have been luckier than most and many have been working regularly since March 2020. We were fortunate enough to have private bookings and guests through much of 2021 but even that is now on hold due to the latest outbreak.

Many of our beautiful guests have been asking how they can help out friends in Fiji. If you’d like to add some cash to our staff donation jar you can do so via bank transfer, details below. These funds will be equally distributed to our staff members, the same as our usual tip jar. 

POC: Ronisha Devi

  • Account Name: Namotu Island Resort PTE Limited
  • Account Number: 5091028
  • Bank Code/BSB: 010890
  • Namotu Address: PO Box 531, Nadi, Fiji 
  • Namotu Phone Number: (+679) 7766439
  • Bank Name: Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
  • Bank Address: 25 Victoria Parade, City Central, SUVA, Fiji