Isolate on Private Island Paradise in Fiji

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If you ever imagined being stranded on a tropical island, this is your chance to live it. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity exists to spend two weeks (or more) on Namotu Island with just you and your chosen friends and family.

Right now the surf is pumping, the crowds are non-existent and the Pacific Islands are one of the safest places in the world. There couldn’t be a better time to visit Fiji and a chance like this doesn’t come around often (maybe just once every global pandemic).

So start planning your guest list and dreaming of a white sandy Christmas. With an entire tropical Island, the world’s best surf breaks and a fleet of boats at your disposal, where would you rather be?

How does it work?

Now there’s finally a way we can welcome guests back to our shores!

The Fijian Government has approved Namotu to reopen for international guests. Of course we are doing this under strict guidelines designed to keep our staff, the community, and visitors safe. This means you’ll need to arrive and depart as a group, have COVID-19 checks and stay a minimum of two weeks on Namotu.

Officially, we are a quarantine facility. But not as you know it.

Our isolation is our advantage and our little bubble here is full of waves, coral reef, warm water, delicious food, fishing, diving and more. So while you isolate yourself from the worries of the world, you can enjoy our aquatic back yard, resort facilities and Fijian hospitality.

Children of all ages are welcome, or not. After all, you create the guest list. So start imagining your dream team…

Who can come?

Well, it really depends on your country’s travel policy but we are happy to welcome anyone! Australians are currently not permitted to leave Australia without an exemption and would need to quarantine on their return home, but Americans are good to go!

When can we come?

We almost are ready for guests and have availability for these special bookings until the end of February. That means there’s a chance to spend Christmas and/or New Year with us!

Getting to Fiji

Fiji Airways has suspended regular flights until the end of February 2021. However we have partnered with Fiji Airways and can arrange a special private business class charter from LAX to Nadi. Or you can fly or sail yourself!

COVID-19 in Fiji

After Fiji closed its borders and flights were suspended in March, things have been very quiet around here. Only a few yachts were around over the sailing season and no fly-in travellers. Although COVID-19 itself barely touched Fiji, the economic effects have been felt deeply by everyone.

Fiji has had only 32 cases of COVID-19 in total (zero current cases). However Fiji is home to a vulnerable population so it’s important we open safely and responsibly. We have been working with CareFiji to update our practises and cooperate with health officials. There’ll be a local doctor on the island, additional training and safety practises in place, a small number of government representatives, and strategies for handling cases. Plus a ton of practises and protocols to keep Fijians and our guests safe.

Sign me up!

If you’d like more information please let us know! We can start taking bookings very soon so let us know if you’re interested!