Ben Wilson Kite Week, June 2019

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The Kite Week circus has just rolled out of town after a huge week of kitesurfing, surfing and even foiling and SUPing.

Ben has been coming to Namotu since we opened and each trade wind season he runs a series of Kite Weeks where he brings a large team of instructors to coach kiters of all levels and provide a truly next-level experience. There’s also extra special food, photography & yoga on offer to enhance the experience and create a truly world-class adventure escape.

Check out Ben’s trips and other Signature Weeks on our website.

Footage & edit by Kite Week photographer, Stu Gibson.

On this trip Ben invited fellow kitesurfing pros, Keahi de Aboitiz & Moona Whyte to see what the fuss is about. They were unstoppable and spent their days kiting, surfing, SUPing, foiling, e-foiling, cruising and taking it all in. You’ll have to wait to see some of the incredible things they did during their stay. But for now, here’s a taste.