Why The Surfing In Fiji Is World-Class

Have you ever wondered just what it is that makes the surfing in Fiji so perfect? It all comes down to geography. Fiji is located in just the right corner of the world to take advantage of favourable winds, a tropical climate, and plentiful coral reefs.

The Basics Of Fiji Geography

Fiji is located on the Mamanuca archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, almost directly north of New Zealand. The nation consists of over 300 islands scattered over this volcanic archipelago leading to lush rainforests and mountainous islands above the water. Below the water, abundant coral reefs can be found, leading to many of those perfect reef breaks surfers come to try.

How It All Adds Up To Great Surfing In Fiji

It's because of this location in the Pacific that the surfing in Fiji is so fantastic. It is located about the same distance from the equator as Hawaii, giving it a tropical climate, but the surfing in Fiji is unique thanks to its location among the third largest barrier reef in the world. The strong southern trade winds and low-pressure systems push up from New Zealand and Australia into the coral reefs on the archipelago. The result is outstanding surf conditions all year round, but particularly during the winter months of April to October.

The reefs rise up out of deep ocean and catch the water being pushed by the winds. This creates those famous swells you've heard so much about and travelled so far to see. Strong, travelling waves are suddenly met with resistance from the coral after coming hundreds or thousands of miles across open water. The result is open ocean swells that explode at full power.

The surfing in Fiji attracts pros from all over the world for just these reasons, but keep in mind that those same conditions are not ideal for beginner surfers. If you're going to be surfing in Fiji, make sure you find a spot that matches your skill level. With over 300 islands to choose from, chances are good that you'll find a break to suit your fancy.

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